Accommodations & Supports

New to the Disability Center?

If you are an MU student and you have a documented disability, the Disability Center can help you get what you need to have an equal educational opportunity at Mizzou. First you will want to establish an accommodation plan. Freshmen usually establish accommodations during Summer Welcome. You can do this at at any time during the semester, however.

To establish accommodations, you will need to complete the following steps:

  • Fill out the new student application. You will be asked to login using your MU username and password. If you need to upload any documentation, you will be able to do so when filling out the application.
  • Schedule an Access Planning Meeting (APM) with an access advisor in the Disability Center by calling the Disability Center at 573-882-4696.

Third-party documentation

You may be asked to submit third-party documentation to apply for an accommodation plan. However, if you already have documentation, we encourage you to upload it with your application or bring it with you for your Access Planning Meeting. If you need to submit documentation and you have already completed the new student application, you can send the files by email or fax.

Returning Student?

If you have already established accommodations with the Disability Center and need to renew them for the upcoming semester, please log in to myAccess. If you have any questions please feel free to contact the office at 573-882-4696 or via email 

Accommodations and Supports

If you are a student with a disability, you are expected to complete the same degree requirements as your peers.  However, in some cases you may request a substitution or replacement for an academic requirement as a reasonable accommodation.

If you have not already established an Accommodation Plan with the Disability Center, you can begin the process by completing the New Student Application, accessed from the Disability Center’s home page.

If you have an established Accommodation Plan, complete the following steps:

  1. Submit an Accommodation Plan modification request;
  2. Complete a Course Substitution request form; and,
  3. Meet with your Access Advisor to discuss your request.

If you are determined eligible for course substitution as a reasonable accommodation, you will be provided with a letter supporting that decision.  That letter is to be presented to your Dean’s office as evidence of your eligibility.  The decision regarding appropriate substitutions is determined by the Dean’s office.  Such decisions are guided by policy established by the academic department (i.e. math, foreign language, etc.) offering the original course in consultation with the student’s major department.

A request for a course substitution should be made only if:

  • The disability precludes completion of the course requirements
  • The substitution will not alter the integrity of the degree program.

Course substitutions do not constitute waivers of essential elements of the curriculum.

Learn more about course substitution.

You may bring an emotional support animal into Residential Life facilities, but you must first establish an accommodation plan with the Disability Center, and request the animal as a housing accommodation; documentation supporting your request is required. You are not permitted to bring an emotional support animal into classrooms, meetings or other university facilities.

You can bring a service animal to Mizzou without prior approval. However, we strongly recommend you to contact the Disability Center to ensure a smooth experience bringing the animal to campus. We also recommend you inform Residential Life and Campus Dining Services if you plan to have a service animal living with you.

You will also want to be familiar with the MU Policy on Service Animals, which includes information about the responsibilities of handlers, circumstances when a service animal may be removed from campus facilities or events and more.

Generally students are expected to follow established classroom attendance policies. However, some disabilities are episodic, and students may have to miss class for medical concerns.

Talk with your instructor early in the semester to discuss flexible attendance. It is up to your instructor to decide the extent to which the accommodation can be provided. Flexible attendance might not be appropriate if the course involves significant interaction and in-class participation.

Even if you have a flexible attendance accommodation, you should nonetheless attend classes as much as possible and notify your instructor if you are unable to attend. You also should complete all work required.

To request flexible attendance, establish an accommodation plan with the Disability Center. Your access advisor will provide you with further information on what is required to review your eligibility.

Flexible attendance guided notes for students.

To receive housing accommodations on campus, you must complete a housing contract with Residential Life and establish an accommodation plan with the Disability Center. The Disability Center will connect you with Residential Life staff, who help you explore your housing options and how those work with certain types of accommodations.

If you wish to use accessible parking, submit your state-issued disabled placard or proof of a disabled vehicle license plate to Parking & Transportation Services, Turner Avenue Parking Structure Level 2, 7:30 a.m.–4 p.m. Monday–Friday.

For more information consult the MU Parking and Transportation Office’s policies and guidelines for students and employees with disabilities.

As an accommodation you may make a request to enroll in a reduced number of credit hours without negatively affecting your status as a full-time student.

  • Establish an Accommodation Plan with the Disability Center
  • Provide documentation of your disability that supports your request for a reduced courseload
  • Meet with an Access Advisor to discuss this and any other accommodations that may be applicable
  • Complete the Reduced Courseload sign-up form within your myAccess account well in advance of the start of the semester
    • Fall semester deadline is August 1st
    • Spring semester deadline is January 1st
  • Inform your academic unit, your academic adviser and the Student Financial Aid Office of your intent to utilize this accommodation.
  • To qualify for a reduced courseload as an accommodation, you must be enrolled in a minimum of nine credit hours if you are an undergraduate student or a minimum of six credit hours if you are a graduate student.
  • You must comply with all school or college policies regarding degree program completion.
  • Meet regularly with your academic adviser to review your academic progress.
  • This accommodation is applicable only for the semester for which it is approved. If you anticipate requesting this accommodation for future semesters, you must notify the Disability Center well in advance of the start of classes. Additional documentation may be required, depending on your circumstances.
  • Please let your Access Advisor know if you have any questions regarding this accommodation.

The Disability Center facilitates on-campus transportation for students with mobility impairments whether permanent or temporary. Parking & Transportation Services operates one lift-equipped bus 7 a.m.–5 p.m. Monday–Friday during the spring and fall semesters only.

The para-transit van is provided as a courtesy and cannot be a guaranteed service. Because the van is used frequently, it is important to be at the pick-up spot at the arranged time. Short-notice changes in the schedule may not be possible.


Mizzou students with disabilities are eligible for several scholarships through the MU Disability Center.

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