Note-Taking Assistance

Note-Taking Assistance for Students

For students whom their disability affects their ability to take notes, note-taking assistance allows them to capture lecture materials. What type of accommodation is provided is based on how the student’s disability impacts their ability to take notes and the design of the course.

Peer Notetaker Instructor Guide for Note-Taking Assistance

Types of Note-Taking Assistance


Audio Recording or Assistive Technology


Peer Notetakers


Copies of Powerpoint Slides

With this accommodation, you agree to the following conditions:

  • Recordings of class lectures are only for your personal use in study and preparation related to the class.
  • You may not share these recordings with any other person, regardless of whether that person is in your class.
  • You acknowledge that the recordings are sources, the use of which in any academic work is governed by rules of academic conduct at the University of Missouri, in addition to federal copyright laws.
  • You agree to destroy any recordings that were made when they are no longer needed for your academic work.
  • Audio recordings outside of the typical classroom experience (e.g., fieldwork, internships, clinical rotations) may need to be discussed
    on a case-by-case basis and in collaboration with the faculty, program, site and Disability Center.