Notetaking Assistance

Notetaking assistance is a reasonable accommodation and is as important as extended time on exams.

Recruiting Notetakers

Notetakers are generally students who volunteer to regularly share copies of their notes.

Students can solicit their own notetakers and may not need your assistance. However, if you receive an email notifying you that a student is requesting assistance in obtaining a notetaker, you may choose to:

  • Invite a Disability Center notetaker to visit your class to explain notetaking opportunities.
  • Add the accommodations coordinator to a Canvas profile to post announcements.
  • Select a class notetaker and refer them to the Disability Center.
  • Make an announcement in class, display a Disability Center-provided slide, or both.

If you choose to make an announcement, please do not identify the student with the accommodation. State that the Disability Center is seeking a notetaker. Information about the individual student should be kept confidential.

Benefits to Notetakers

Notetaking is a volunteer assignment and quite easy for students who attend class and take notes regularly. Benefits to the notetaker include:

  • The satisfaction of helping another student.
  • The experience looks great on a résumé.
  • Notetakers report taking better notes and listening more attentively.
  • Notetakers who are consistent and timely with note submissions receive stipends at the end of the semester.

Further assistance

Students interested in becoming notetakers can email the accommodations coordinator, who will instruct them on how the program works and how to sign up.

If no volunteers emerge after two announcements, please email the accommodations coordinator or call 573-882-4696 for further assistance.