Peer Mentor Program

The Disability Center’s Peer Mentor Program pairs incoming and current students together — empowering students by connecting them with resources, services and a supportive community. Mentees gain access to Mizzou’s supportive disabled community through workshops, networking opportunities and meetings with mentors.  

Become a Mentee

Mentees are students connected to the Disability Center who seek guidance in navigating Mizzou’s campus, resources and building a supportive network. Benefits of becoming a Mentee: 

  • A direct connection to Mizzou resources.  
  • Communication and self-advocacy skills. 
  • A deep connection to Mizzou’s disabled community. 

Not currently connected to the Disability Center? Fill out the New Student Application to get started. 

Become a Mentor

Mentors serve as role models, helping mentees navigate the transition to Mizzou and build a sense of belonging on campus. By becoming a mentor, Disability Center students can become a leader in Mizzou’s disabled community, while building personal and professional relationships alongside their peers. Benefits of becoming a mentor: 

  • A leadership role in the community.  
  • Communication skills through supporting mentees.  
  • Practical experience to apply and develop professional skills.

Ready to become a mentor? Contact Kristin Mossman at to get started. Please note, there will be a review process to ensure those interested are the right fit.