Submit an Exam Request

About Submitting a Request

Your request is not fully approved until reviewed by your instructor and the Disability Center exams staff. All exams (during weeks 1-14) require at least seven days’ notice during the fall and spring semesters. Exams during weeks 15 and 16 have a separate deadline date which will be sent out during a determined date each semester.

Exams during summer sessions require five days’ notice.

Students are highly encouraged to submit all their exam requests at the beginning of the semester to avoid missing the deadline. Late requests will be approved case-by-case by the exams coordinator and are not guaranteed. 


Before completing the steps below, an accommodation letter must be requested in myAccess.


  1. Log in to myAccess, select “Exam Access” from the left-hand side of your screen.
  2. Review the Exam Administration Detail Form provided by the instructor, if available.
  3. Select the course for which you are requesting an exam.
  4. Select the exam type (exam, quiz, final).
  5. Provide the date and time the exam is to be administered.
  6. Select the accommodations that you would like to use for the exam.
  7. Select if the exam is located on Canvas.
  8. Click “Add Exam Request.”