Areas of myAccess

There are individual sections in myAccess, located on the left-hand side of your account. Learn about them below!

My Dashboard

You may be prompted to complete required forms when you first use your dashboard. Before you will be able to access other areas of myAccess, you will need to read these forms carefully and electronically sign them (refer to the tutorial in the “Logging in to myAccess for the First Time” section). In the My Dashboard tab you will be able to generate your Accommodation Notification Letters in PDF format for each of your courses, review all of the accommodations you have requested for the current semester by class, view any release forms you have completed, and any other important information that may pertain to you.

My Profile

This is where your personal information (school ID number, birthdate, address, phone number and Mizzou email) is located.

SMS (Text Messaging)

myAccess can send you automatic text message reminders about:

  • Upcoming appointments
  • Notes that have been uploaded by a notetaker (if applicable)
  • Accessible instructional materials that are ready to be downloaded

You have to opt into this service since normal text messaging rates apply based on your current phone plan. Enter in your phone number and phone provider.

Additional Accommodation Request Form

If you have additional accommodation needs please complete this form. You will also need to setup an appointment with your Access Advisor to discuss this request.

  • Select “Accommodation Modification Request Form” from your myAccess home screen, located on the left-hand side.
  • Click “Submit New Application.”
  • Answer the questions and then click “Submit Application.”
  • Once your Accommodation Plan Modification Request Form has been successfully submitted you will have the option to upload additional supporting documentation.
  • Click on “Choose File” and insert the documentation you wish to provide. Make sure to give it a “File Title” and click “Upload Documentation.”

My Mailbox (Sent E-Mails)

In the “My Mailbox” tab you will be able to access a log of email communication from the Disability Center. The communications in the log include your Accommodation Plan, upcoming appointment reminders, communication regarding specific accommodations, etc. You will also have a copy of these emails sent to your MU email account.

Information Release Consents

Here you will find any Information Release Consent forms that you have completed and signed in myAccess such as the “Learning Center” consent.

My Eligibility

This section will list most approved accommodations that you receive. Some of the more student specific accommodations will not populate in this section but will be on your Accommodation Plan and Accommodation Notification Letters.

List Accommodations

You can search here for those accommodations that you have requested for a given semester. You can also review the details for those requests, such as which accommodations you have chosen to implement, the dates for the requests, and the status of the requests.

Alternative Textbook Formats

If you have been approved for alternative textbook formats this section will show up on the left-hand side of your account. You can see the status of the texts that are being converted. You can also request an additional book or reading materials to be converted.

Notetaking Assistance

If you have requested “Use of a Peer Note Taker” for at least one of your classes, this page will allow you to view uploaded course notes through your myAccess profile. You will have the option to download and save the notes for your as needed. Notes will be available until the current semester’s end.

My Signed Forms

A list of all forms signed previously is included here. Any form can be viewed by clicking on the ‘View’ link.