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Use of Peer Notetaker

Use of a Peer Notetaker

If you are eligible for “Use of Peer Notetaker” as one of your accommodations, there are few steps to take in order to set it up in your classes

  • Meet with your instructors to discuss your notetaking accommodation.
  • Login to your myAccess account and confirm your need for a Peer Notetaker for the course(s) in which the accommodation will be implemented
  • Once a Notetaker is identified and signs up, you will be notified and can begin to download notes that are uploaded into myAccess

Volunteer Notetakers

Students who have volunteered to submit their notes for their classes can also login to myAccess to confirm their notetaking assignment and upload any notes they have. For more information on this process and policies please visit the Volunteer Notetaker Guide section.

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