Course Substitution

Accommodations available

If you are a student with a disability, you are expected to complete the same degree requirements as your peers.  However, in some cases you may request a substitution or replacement for an academic requirement as a reasonable accommodation.

Making a request

If you have not already established an Accommodation Plan with the Disability Center, you can begin the process by completing the New Student Application, accessed from the Disability Center’s home page.

If you have an established Accommodation Plan, complete the following steps:

  1. Submit an Accommodation Plan modification request;
  2. Complete a Course Substitution request form; and,
  3. Meet with your Access Advisor to discuss your request.

Policies and guidelines

If you are determined eligible for course substitution as a reasonable accommodation, you will be provided with a letter supporting that decision.  That letter is to be presented to your Dean’s office as evidence of your eligibility.  The decision regarding appropriate substitutions is determined by the Dean’s office.  Such decisions are guided by policy established by the academic department (i.e. math, foreign language, etc.) offering the original course in consultation with the student’s major department.

A request for a course substitution should be made only if:

  • The disability precludes completion of the course requirements
  • The substitution will not alter the integrity of the degree program.

Course substitutions do not constitute waivers of essential elements of the curriculum.