Exam Requests

To get started for the semester you will need to generate your Accommodation Notification Letters and then submit your individual exam requests under the “Exam Access” option on the left hand side of myAccess. We advise you to submit all of your exam requests for the entire semester at one time to ensure they are all submitted on time and properly. We still require 7 days’ notice for exam requests and approximately 3.5 weeks for final exams.

Generating Accommodation Notification Letters

When you generate an Accommodation Notification Letter for an individual course your listed instructor has the ability to view that letter through the Instructor Portal. If you do not want to request accommodations or disclose that you are a student with a registered disability in a particular class, or to a particular instructor, you should not generate a letter for that course. If you want to receive accommodations in a course, you must still provide your instructor with a copy of your Accommodation Notification Letter. Remember, communication with your instructor is essential to the implementing your accommodation(s).

Have Questions About These Changes?

Below is a link to our website that has all the information needed to assist you in navigating myAccess. If you have any questions please contact the Disability Center or stop by S5 Memorial Union and we will be happy to assist you or set up an appointment.

myAccess Student Guide & Tutorials