Educating on Equal Access and Inclusion

Outreach Opportunities

What is Outreach? 

Outreach is the first step to advocating for equal access and inclusion. Through education, you can join the effort in creating an accessible future. Campus groups can request a Disability Center staff member to come and discuss a disability topic that directly relates to their activities or way of work.

Steps to Request an Outreach Program


Identify what disability education topic best fits your group.


Fill out the Disability Center outreach request form to provide us with the topic, desired time and contact information.


We will reach out to you to set up your program.

Meeting Your Group’s Needs

The Disability Center can present a topic that meets the needs of any group on campus, including student organizations, faculty groups and more. Topics include, but are not limited to, the following:


  • How to make students’ experience more accessible in settings like group meetings, classes, etc.
  • General education on different disabilities and how they impact education and college experiences.
  • Specific accommodations offered and how they might be implemented.


Please note, a two-week timeframe is preferred. Specific times during the semester, like the beginning of the fall semester, are busier than others and we reserve the right to delay the educational program until we can meet your group’s needs.