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Rights & Responsibilities (Faculty)

Responsibilities of faculty

The Rehabilitation Act of 1973, Section 504, requires that qualified students with disabilities have equal access to education. MU instructors are expected to provide or allow accommodations for students with disabilities when those accommodations have been approved by the Disability Center.

  • Be aware that planning for and arranging accommodations may require time.  Students are expected to give the Disability Center at least 7 days’ notice (5 business days) for exam accommodations, for example.
  • Complete all request forms to ensure that students receive the accommodations they need. You may complete the form with the student present to ensure that you both fully understand the arrangements that have been made.
  • Provide exam accommodations for any student who has presented you with Letter of Accommodations for the current semester. Accommodate students yourself if possible by providing a quiet, separate space and/or extended time. Other accommodations — readers, scribes, equipment, etc.— can be provided by the Disability Center. You do not need to provide requests forms for accommodations you provide yourself. More about exam accommodations.
  • Provide adequate space for sign language interpreters or captionists to be present in class.
  • Allow lab assistants to carry out the functions of lab assignments for students with disabilities. In some cases you might need to make additional arrangements; contact the students’ coordinators for help identifying what is appropriate.
  • Inform the Disability Center about the textbooks and all other print materials you plan to use as soon as possible when requested by the student or our office. As an instructor, you play a vital role in ensuring that materials are available in alternative formats so students with disabilities have access to course materials and information at the same time as other students.
  • If a student has been approved to receive notetaking as an accommodation, please help by announcing to the class that there is a need for a volunteer notetaker. Provide the volunteer’s name to the requesting student so he or she can make arrangements for note exchange. If no one has volunteered, you may make a second announcement or ask a student you think would be a good notetaker. If you cannot find a volunteer, contact the Disability Center.
  • Provide hard copies of overhead slides or Power Point presentations to students who have difficulty seeing visual presentations.

Review the rights and responsibilities of the Disability Center and students with disabilities.