Alternative Textbook Formats

Alternative Textbook Format/Accessible Text

  • Course textbooks converted to accessible digital formats, which include;
    • Kurzweil (KESI)
    • Plain Text (Word, RTF, etc.)
    • PDF Readable
    • HTML
  • Text-to-speech software provided
  • Access to converted books at dedicated website

Making a request

Alternative Textbook Formats

If you have been approved for alternative textbook formats this section will show up on the left-hand side of your myAccess account. Within myAccess, you can select and request specific books to be converted. You can also track the status of the book requests that you have made.

Submitting Requests for Texts to be Converted

  • Log in to your myAccess profile.
  • On the left hand bar in the “My Accommodations” Menu, click on “Alternative Formats.”
  • This will take you to a page that lists textbooks for your courses.
  • Request the books that you need to have converted by clicking on “Select” in the right column.
  • The system will automatically update in a new table showing that the book request is processing.
  • After you provide receipts to the Disability Center, it will show “Yes” in the receipt (RCPT) column.

Submit Additional Request for Text not listed in system

  • Log in to your myAccess profile.
  • On the left hand bar in the “My Accommodations” Menu, click on “Alternative Formats.”
  • Scroll down below the list of texts. There is a multi-field form that asks you to indicate what class the text is for, the title, author, ISBN, publisher and other fields. Complete the form with as much information as possible.
  • Submit the additional text.
  • Upon submission, the text will show in the list of needed materials. It will have a “custom – not listed” status next to it. This status indicates that you, the student, entered in the book information as opposed to the textbook information that is generated from the Mizzou bookstore.

Information and Policies

  • In order to ensure timely conversion, submit your book requests as soon as possible after enrolling in new courses.
  • Please allow 2-4 weeks for conversion to digital formats (and up to 6 weeks for conversion to braille and other tactile formats).
  • Students must purchase a copy of the books and provide our office with proof of purchase (note: receipts are not required at the time of request, but must be provided before access can be granted).

Questions? Contact the Disability Center at 573-882-4696 or