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Workforce Recruitment Program (WRP)

(Applications open August)

About WRP

The Workforce Recruitment Program for College Students with Disabilities (WRP) is a recruitment and referral program that connects federal sector employers nationwide with highly motivated post-secondary students and recent graduates with disabilities who are eager to prove their abilities in the workplace through summer or permanent jobs.

  • Find an internship or permanent position at federal agencies
  • Explore careers in the federal service
  • Gain interviewing experience

Student Learning

Past WRP candidates share what they learned from this experience:

  • “Having a disability does not hinder you from employment.”
  • “There are people that are still willing to help the disabled find job placement.”

Benefits to College Students

With the Workforce Recruitment Program, students can:

  • Promote their skills and abilities, as well as connect with employers across the United States
  • Communicate with a WRP recruiter in a one-to-one meeting to discuss opportunities and refine their interviewing skills
  • Earn additional experience and expand their network of contacts while on the job
  • Demonstrate that students with disabilities can make fantastic employees


To be eligible for the WRP, students must be current, full-time undergraduate or graduate students with a disability, or have graduated within one year.  Students must also be U.S. Citizens.

  • A candidate who graduated in April of the previous year or later would still be eligible to participate.

Application Process

In order to participate in the WRP, students must:

  • REGISTER: Complete the online registration application
  • Registration is scheduled to open August 26, 2019 and close October 11, 2019 through the Student Self Registration page.
  • GET APPROVAL: The College Coordinator at the Disability Center will verify that the student applicants who register have a disability and are attending (or have attended) the University of Missouri.
  • COMPLETE APPLICATION: Upload a resume, transcript and any optional materials to the WRP website prior to the time of their interview with a WRP recruiter. Complete accommodation request forms (for the interview), if needed.
    • Deadline: October 11, 2019
  • INTERVIEW: Participate in a screening interview (held between October 28, 2019 and November 18, 2019) with a WRP recruiter. Most interviews will be conducted by phone or videophone. Communication accommodations are available.

Please note that students who participated in the WRP last year and want to participate again this year must register online, complete the online application and be interviewed by a recruiter again.

Program Timeline

  • July: Recruitment of WRP candidates at the University of Missouri begins.
  • August-September: Individual candidates work with the Disability Center staff to complete the WRP Student Checklist items.
    • Please note: Students interested in becoming WRP candidates should be able to participate in employability skills trainings, attend a mandatory WRP meeting, participate in a mock interview, and complete the forms required to meet with the WRP recruiter. The Disability Center and Career Center staff will support each student in completing these items.
  • September: Any candidate who completes the WRP Student Checklist items becomes eligible to receive an interview appointment time with the WRP recruiter. Each student must schedule a one-on-one meeting with a Disability Center staff member to finalize eligibility status.
  • October-November: The annual WRP recruitment visit at the University of Missouri takes place. The visit includes a 30-minute personal interview via phone or video phone with the WRP recruiter.
  • November-December: Information gathered by the WRP recruiter is inserted into a database and made available to public- and private-sector employers for review.
  • January-May: Interested employers can connect with students directly to share their temporary or permanent job opportunities. Once activated, the database containing student information is available for up to one year. WRP candidates who participate in this program are welcome to participate again the following year.

Application Requirements

Items to be obtained and/or completed by the student and submitted online prior to the interview:

  • Resume – must be uploaded on the “Manage Documents” page of the online application. Word documents are required.
  • College transcript(s) – official or unofficial transcripts or copies of transcripts are acceptable. Transcript(s) must be uploaded on the “Manage Documents” page of the online application in order for the student’s application to be complete. Word or other text documents are strongly encouraged.
  • Schedule A Letter – Schedule A Certification Letters may be uploaded to the “Manage Documents” page of the online application. Please see “Sample Schedule A Letter” and Schedule A Checklist for Candidates under the Resource page for guidance.
  • Any additional supporting documents – (Optional) Such as letters of recommendation, writing samples, etc. Additional documents must be uploaded on the “Manage Documents” page of the online application.

Additional Resources