Student FAQ regarding COVID-19

Frequently Asked Questions

As our university continues to address concerns related to COVID-19, we realize that you may have questions in regards to your accommodations, so we’ve compiled this FAQ to help you in this transition.

Is the Disability Center open?

Yes. However, to encourage social distancing, we are scheduling most appointments virtually. If you have questions or would like to talk to your access advisor, we encourage you to call or email the office to schedule an appointment.

I’m a student with a disability and require new/different accommodations. Can I still meet with someone in the Disability Center to establish eligibility for accommodations?

The Disability Center remains open and is offering appointments via Zoom to students who need to schedule appointments.

If you have yet to establish accommodations with the office, we encourage you to complete the new student application.

Students who are already connected with the office should reach out to their access advisor.

If my classes are offered online, how will I receive my accommodations?

Many accommodations can be adjusted to the online learning environment, and we have provided answers to some of the most utilized accommodations further down in this FAQ. If you have questions about a specific accommodation, we encourage you to contact your access advisor to discuss implementation further.

Will I be able to access classes remotely this fall if I am unable to attend in person due to my disability and COVID-19?

Students are encouraged to work with their access advisors to determine what accommodations are needed to ensure that they have access to classroom material

Accommodations related to remote instruction will be made on a case-by-case basis depending on student need and class format.

Will there be options to attend in-person classes remotely due to my disability and COVID-19?

As announced in January, Mizzou will offer more face-to-face classes this fall, and classroom capacities will return to pre-pandemic levels. As vaccination numbers increase, we expect fall 2021 to look like fall 2019, with full classrooms. At this time, we don’t anticipate instructors will provide hybrid virtual/in-person classes like fall 2020.

We encourage students to proactively enroll in the type of class (in-person or online) that will best meet their needs.

Students are encouraged to work with their access advisors to determine what accommodations are needed to ensure that they have access to classroom material.

What if I have concerns regarding living in the residence halls due to my disability and COVID-19? Can I be exempt from student housing?

First year students are required to live in university housing. In some circumstances, including COVID-19 related concerns, first year students may request a exemption to this policy.

Students should complete a new student application and schedule a time to meet with an access advisor. During this meeting, the access advisor with review the student’s need for an exemption and will communicate next steps in the process.

I have a peer notetaking accommodation. Can I still request peer notetakers for online courses?

If you require a peer notetaker given the design of your class, please make sure to confirm your need for a notetaker in myAccess. Once we receive this confirmation, we’ll start the recruitment process. If you have concerns or questions about this, please email

I receive real-time captioning in my class. Will my online courses and content be captioned?

If you have been approved for this accommodation through the Disability Center, your access advisor will work with your instructors to arrange captioning for your Zoom or Panopto lectures. If you need to add this as an accommodation, please contact your access advisor in the Disability Center. If you are not currently connected with the office, you can start the process by completing the new student application.

What if I have a disability that makes wearing any of the approved face coverings difficult?

Students requesting accommodations to the face covering policy should submit an application for accommodations to the Disability Center and provide medical documentation outlining the barriers they experience related to wearing a face covering. Please note that alternatives to a traditional cloth face covering will be explored first, and those who are unable to wear any type of face covering may be referred to remote learning.

What if I contract COVID-19? Are there any accommodations if this were to happen?

The Disability Center is not handling accommodations for those students who contract COVID-19 or need to quarantine/isolate as they do not meet the criteria for having a disability. However, the provost has asked for all faculty to develop plans on how to support students who may miss class as a result of COVID-19. All instructors will be flexible on attendance policies this semester.

I would like to request an adjustment on my student recreation fee because I have a health condition. How do I start the process?

Reach out to your access advisor to discuss your request and determine eligibility. If you have not yet established accommodations with the Disability Center, complete a new student application. Be prepared to provide third-party documentation regarding your condition as this will be utilized to determine eligibility.

Questions regarding exams

I have been approved for exam accommodations. How are you ensuring that the testing areas in the Disability Center are being kept safe and clean?

We have made a number of changes to our exam administration processes to allow for social distancing and create a safe environment for testing. This includes reducing the number of students utilizing our testing rooms at one time and having students check in at the location they will take their exam instead of coming to the Disability Center first. More information regarding changes to our exam policies and procedures can be found within the e-form agreements section in myAccess. As these processes may change, please make sure to check your email for updates.

I receive extended time on exams as an accommodation. How do I go about requesting this accommodation now that my exam is online?

Students should make sure their instructors are aware of their eligibility for the accommodation. Instructors have the ability to adjust the time allotted for a specific student in Canvas.

The Disability Center is available to consult with students and faculty about unique circumstances regarding exam accommodations.

I have been approved for a reader on exams. How can I receive this accommodation in the online environment?

If you need to use your reader accommodation in any upcoming exams/quizzes, you may want to consider using one of the technologies available through the ACT Center. These assistive technologies include Kurzweil 3000 and Snap&Read. However, if your instructor is requiring you to use a lockdown browser and/or online proctoring, please reach out to our office as soon as you are aware of this expectation, as these programs sometimes restrict user access to certain types of assistive technology. Knowing in advance can ensure we have enough time to verify if your chosen technology will work with the proctoring program or identify other options.

What is “I Am Here?”

I Am Here is a new feature you can use to check in for your accommodated exams through the Disability Center.

You can access the feature by using the “Exam Check-In” button located on the Disability Center’s homepage or by scanning the QR code that will be posted on the testing location entrance doors. Once you send the check-in alert, your proctor will let you into the exam room when it is time. Until then, you’ll be asked to wait in the hallway.

Here is a step-by-step tutorial for I Am Here.

Do I have to use “I Am Here?”

We highly recommend it. If you forget, that’s OK. Just knock on the door and the proctor will let you in, if it’s time.

How early can I check-in for my exams?

No more than five minutes before the scheduled start time. If you arrive earlier than that, you’ll need to wait.

What happens if I check-in late?

If you check in and arrive more than five minutes after the scheduled start time, we will not administer your exam. You’ll need to contact your instructor immediately to make other arrangements. It is very important to ensure you’re on time.