Student Employment

Throughout the year, the Disability Center occasionally hires student employees to assist us in our work. Current openings will be posted on the MU Human Resources website as well as on Hire Mizzou Tigers.

Please find below descriptions of the positions we most commonly seek to fill.

Job Title Descriptions

Classroom Assistant

The classroom assistant’s role is to ensure that the student with a disability has access to all assignments and activities associated with the class. Common tasks include providing assistance with manipulating objects and materials in classes or science labs, or library assistance with research for projects. Classroom assistants typically work with students who have physical disabilities (e.g., limited or no use of upper extremities) or students who are blind or have significant vision loss. The classroom assistant should be invisible to the rest of the class. There should be no participation or engagement in class discussions or activities, except in the role of assisting the student with a disability.

Exam Proctors

The primary role for exam proctors is to administer exams to student who are registered with the Disability Center with academic integrity in mind while providing accommodations deemed reasonable by the student’s access advisor or coordinator. The following are requirements for all exam proctors:

  • Flexible schedule of availability with the understanding shifts will be assigned as needed.
  • Must be able to work through the END of Finals Week.
  • Punctuality, dependability, excellent communication/interpersonal skills, attention to detail and organization, and legible handwriting
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality and exam security as well as the ability to follow precise instruction.


The reader’s role is to ensure that the student with a disability is able to access written or graphical materials that cannot otherwise be converted (e.g., to digital text, large print, Braille or audio). Readers work with individuals who are either blind or have significant vision loss. Readers read text, describe graphical material and assist with library research. Readers are not tutors and should not assist the student in working through the substance of an assignment.

Student Assistant (Office)

Student assistants provide secretarial/clerical duties in our main office area. Individuals perform various office duties greet and assist office visitors, answer general questions, answer phones, schedule appointments, distributing mail, make copies, file/shred documents, send faxes, run errands, create flyers and any other duties as assigned. Individuals must be dependable, possess excellent communication or interpersonal skills, have attention to detail, legible handwriting, and flexible schedule and maintain student confidentiality.