Notes About Remote Learning for Students

As our university moves to remote learning for the remainder of the spring 2020 semester, we realize that you may have questions in regards to your accommodations, so we’ve compiled this FAQ to help you in this transition.

I’m a student with a disability and require new/different accommodations now that my courses are remotely delivered. Can I still meet with someone in the Disability Center to establish eligibility for accommodations?

The Disability Center remains open and is offering appointments via Zoom to students who need to schedule appointments.

We realize that the change in format may mean that students with disabilities may experience barriers that exist at the intersection of disability and course design.

If you have yet to establish accommodations with the office, we encourage you to complete the New Student Application.

Students who are already connected with the office should reach out to their access advisor.


With the move to remote classes, how will I receive my accommodations?

Many accommodations can be adjusted to the remote learning environment, and we have provided answers to some of the most utilized accommodations further down in this FAQ. If you have questions about a specific accommodation, we would encourage you to contact your access advisor to discuss implementation further.


I receive extended time on exams as an accommodation. How do I go about requesting this accommodation now that my exam is remotely delivered?

The Disability Center will not be administering proctored exams while instruction remains remotely delivered. Students should make sure their instructors are aware of their eligibility for the accommodation. Instructors have the ability to adjust the time allotted for a specific student in Canvas.

The Disability Center is available to consult with students and faculty about unique circumstances regarding exam accommodations.


I have a peer notetaking accommodation. Will I still receive a copy of peer notes?

We are encouraging peer notetakers to continue to take and share notes via myAccess as they would for your in-seat course. Should the format of your course change to where you no longer need a notetaker, please make sure to cancel your notetaking request in myAccess. If you have concerns or questions about this, please email


I receive real-time captioning in my class. Will my remote courses and content be captioned?

If you have been approved for this accommodation through the Disability Center, your access advisor will work with your instructors to arrange captioning for your Zoom or Panopto lectures. If you need to add this as an accommodation, please contact your access advisor in the Disability Center. If you are not currently connected with the office, you can start the process by completing the New Student Application.