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Amy Ausdenmoore

Amy Ausdenmoore

Hometown:Chicago, IL

Major: Journalism

Year in school: Sophomore

Disability: Profoundly deaf

What are your future endeavors?

To be an Art Director at a big advertising company and live in New York City for few years. I would also want to live somewhere where there is a big Deaf community. If I have a change of heart, I would do acting.

What are your hobbies? 

Acting, hanging out with friends, writing, reading, working out

What has been your greatest challenge while at MU? 

To be inclusive, being open to many different kinds of people and allowing myself to learn from them. Communication and accessibility is hard to keep going but the world is much better than it was before. Balancing the both of best worlds, Hearing and Deaf.

What would you like people to know about your disability? 

Don't be afraid to ask anything about the Deaf culture and the deafness itself.

What would you tell a student who has a disability like yours? 

Don't let your deafness prevent you from doing anything. Don't limit yourself from making choices.

What advice would you give to a new student at MU? 

Be out of your comfort zone, be yourself and let people come to you.

In what way did the Office of Disability Services make a difference in your education? 

Having interpreters, notetakers, transcriptors are great and they're amazing with accommodations. Talk to them on what you need for your education and take advantage what you have now.