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Lee Henson Access Mizzou Award

Established in 2014 by the Chancellor’s Committee on Persons with Disabilities, the Lee Henson Access Mizzou Award was created in memory and honor of Lee Henson, MU’s former ADA Coordinator (the position now identified as the Director of Accessibility and ADA Education). Through Lee’s work and service, his dream was to create a campus that was accessible to all, and especially to people with disabilities. 

This annual award will recognize members of our MU community who have responded above and beyond to a particular accessibility concern or need; championed universal design to make the University a better place for persons with disabilities and others; and/or demonstrated and modeled a commitment over time to improving the inclusion of persons with disabilities or the accessibility of MU’s campus and programs.

Award recipients for 2014:

  • Dr. Mary Bixby, Reading and Study Strategies Specialist, Learning Center:  “Mary knew Lee Henson well and shared his values in supporting the independence of people with all kinds of disabilities.”
  • Dr. Cathy Thomas, Assistant Professor, Department of Special Education:  “She doesn’t just teach, but models strategies for students with disabilities.”
  • Campus Facilities employees:  “These three individuals have gone above and beyond to recognize and remove barriers for individuals with disabilities around campus and to make a conscious effort to incorporate accessibility into the culture of their office.”
    • John Neal, Associate Director for Construction
    • Joseph Pille, Manager, Construction Services
    • James Heckemeyer, Construction Manager

You can read more about the awards and the reception in October 2014:

Nominations for the 2015 awards will be accepted starting late summer.