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Dr. Mary Stegmaier

Dr. Mary Stegmaier

Professor Mary Stegmaier demonstrates commitment to inclusion through her efforts:

Starting in spring and through the summer of 2012, Professor Stegmaier, Teaching Assistant Professor in the Truman School of Public Affairs, worked with staff in Disability Services and the Adaptive Computing Technology center and with a contracted rehabilitation engineer to ensure that the Research Methods course she taught in Fall 2012 would be accessible for a student with a vision related disability.  The course relies heavily on statistical software that is not accessible to users of screen readers, and course content is heavy on visuals such as charts, graphs, and diagrams.  Dr. Stegmaier spent several hours with the rehabilitation engineer to guide him as he wrote script to modify the statistical software, and met on several occasions with staff and the student to ensure that alternative formats for course materials were appropriately prepared in time for the start of the course in August.  Her commitment to ensuring that the course would be accessible represented key features of inclusive (or universal) design for learning:  ensuring multiple means of engagement and representation; and planning in advance for accommodation strategies.