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Dr. Doug Gayou

Dr. Doug Gayou

Disability Services recognizes Professor Doug Gayou as a champion:       

Professor Gayou, Teaching Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences, is a member of faculty whose teaching methods exemplify one aspect of what we refer to as inclusive (also known as universal) design for learning:  emphasizing clear goals but within a flexible framework, and reflecting an adaptability that is inclusive for students with diverse abilities.  As one of the staff of Disability Services has said:  “he makes sure students know exactly what to expect with respect to exams and other course requirements, but at the same time allows for flexibility for students with extenuating circumstances, such as those with disabilities.”  And what does Professor Gayou say?  “I am not interested in how fast you think or how long it takes you to grasp a new concept.  I only care about what you know and what you have learned in my class.”