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Blake Werner accounts for success

Blake WernerStudent profile


Blake Werner


Jefferson City, Mo.



Year in School



Profoundly deaf in both ears

Education focus

Accounts payable, accounts receivable, tax forms, balance and income sheets, etc...

Future endeavors

Certified public accountant at a public accounting firm and investor/manager of properties


I enjoy snow skiing, traveling, watching movies play games, and hanging out with family and friends.

Greatest challenge at MU

The most common thing I’ve seen, when I speak with people, is that they are confused about how I can be deaf because I listen and speak well with my cochlear implants. It becomes a challenge helping them understand my deafness. That is where the awkward moments come in, when I have to explain to them about me. After all, they were impressed and always have new questions for me about my challenges and my deafness.

Advice for students with similar disabilities

Always be patient with others when they are not understanding fully about your disability but don't be afraid to ask questions and stand up for yourself.

Advice for new MU students

Most people seem to believe that people with disabilities are so limited on things that they can do. That is not true. We CAN achieve anything, as long we are determined. Also, constantly remind your professors that you can do it! They sometime forget.

How the Office of Disability Services makes a difference

The Office of Disability Services has made a difference for me, they have been able to provide me with captioning, and this has proven to be one of the best services I have encountered as a student. With their help I have learned to make the best use of my abilities in the mainstream classrooms.

What people should know about my disability

Please don’t always assume that I cannot speak due to “something” on my ear; although; I am impressed that some people put the effort to use sign language for me. Don’t talk extremely fast and don’t look away. Deaf people like eye to eye contact when they are engaged in conversation, we pick up on facial expression and with me it sure makes it easier to read lips. Just treat us like others.