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Construction has started on Gwynn Hall

Construction News!!!

The University of Missouri is currently renovating Gwynn and Gentry Halls. This necessitates closure of the side walk between Gwynn and Memorial Union, which leads to the south side entrance of Memorial Union. The ramp leading to the south side entrance of Memorial Union will remain open. Accessibility of the North side of Memorial Union is still open on the Hitt Street side. 

Fencing around Gwynn Hall will be slightly modified (phased) during progress of the project. Current fencing will be in place until mid-December.  After that date the fencing will also close off the northwest entrance to Stanley to allow construction of a stair and elevator tower.  Updates will be provided in December.

  1. All entrance ways into Gwynn are closed.  The Stanley/Gwynn interior connector will remain closed for the duration of the project.
  2. The sidewalk immediately west of Gwynn is closed.
  3. Portions of the sidewalks on the north side of Gwynn are closed (as shown on the drawing below).
  4. Stanley (northwest, southwest, and east) entrances will remain accessible.(Note: the current northwest entrance is to close in December and a nearby temporary egress stair will be built to take it’s place)

Students, staff, or public pedestrian traffic that desire to get to the north side of Gwynn (as coming from the south side of Gwynn)  can go through Stanley, or walk through the south end of Memorial Union, through the tunnel and come up in North Memorial Union or via Hitt Street.

Sou          Southside of Memorial Union Sidewalk