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Campbell Garland treasures antiquities

Student profile Campbell Garland


Campbell Garland


Baton Rouge, La.

Academic field

Art and archaeology

Year in school

First-year master's student


Profoundly deaf in both ears

Educational focus

Late antique and Byzantine art and archaeology

Future endeavors

Professor or curator


Reading, biking, painting, outdoors, hanging out with family and friends

Greatest challenge at MU

As with any new school, the first few weeks are when everyone's getting used to my deafness, but then any awkwardness or issues go away quickly if there are any in the first place.

What people should know about my disability

I don't sign, but I still appreciate it when people look at me to talk. I can hear with my hearing aids, but I don't hear perfectly always. Deaf people often ask people to repeat for clarity.

Advice for students with similar disabilities

Don't be afraid to ask people to repeat or to ask for assistance in the classroom or outside lectures.

Advice for new MU students

See above. Be yourself. People who have never met deaf people will see that we are just like everyone else; our ears just don't hear without aids!

How the Office of Disability Services makes a difference

As with any disability office, it makes a huge difference because I love academics. It was difficult for me to catch everything in high school without captioning services/notetaking, but with captioning services here (and at LSU and Yale), I've been able to catch most of what's going on, if not all of it! I love it, and I don't feel left out. Also, they are really flexible, so if there's an outside lecture, they are always willing to help. It's a very flexible, friendly and helpful office!