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Accommodated Exams

  • All completed exams will be delivered to department offices ONLY, not to instructors’ offices. This change is necessary to ensure that exams are delivered timely, and that exam security is not compromised.
  • As in past semesters, exam deliveries are scheduled Monday through Friday at 8 a.m., noon, and 3 p.m. Reminder emails for upcoming accommodated exams will be sent out prior to the date of the scheduled exam.
  • We encourage instructors to provide testing accommodations for students who qualify or instructors may furnish exams and administration details to the Disability Center and we will proctor the accommodated exams.

Notetaking Assistance

Acquiring a volunteer notetaker is vital to providing equal access for students who require notetaking assistance as an accommodation. Students who serve as notetakers can qualify for the notetaker stipend that is given at the end of the semester. To ensure that the accommodation can be implemented effectively, we rely on instructor’s assistance to recruit notetakers from classes.

To learn more about the process, including how to recruit notetakers, go to the faculty guide for notetaking assistance.

Still have questions? Contact the Disability Center: 573-882-4696 or