Information Release Forms

Information release forms are electronic forms that indicate a specific person(s) in which a student is allowing access to their accommodation information within the Disability Center. The form will be completed each semester.

Additional Resources

Students can give the Disability Center permission to speak with parents, step-parents, and/or guardians, spouses/significant others, academic advisors, etc. about their progress as a student registered with the MU Disability Center.

This form addresses the right of a student’s individual privacy. In the event that a parent, step-parent, guardian, spouse, or other inquire about or calls on behalf of a student, the Disability Center must have a written release signed by the student to speak to them.

Release allows verbal access only.

All permissions granted will stay in effect until revoked in writing by the student.

Still have questions? Contact the Disability Center: 573-882-4696 or