Access Planning Meeting
The Access Planning Meeting is for you to be able to discuss with a Disability Center Access Advisor/Coordinator appropriate accommodations/services that can be implemented to create equal access for you in the areas where there are or may be anticipated barriers.
Accommodations are academic adjustments or services designed to give students with disabilities the same opportunity to succeed or fail as those without a disability.
Accommodation Plan
The Accommodation Plan is an email from your Disability Center Access Advisor/Coordinator notifying you of your approved accommodations. This Accommodation Plan will also confirm the next steps that you should take to request accommodations for your classes. If you need to make changes to you Accommodation Plan, you will need to meet with you Access Advisor/Coordinator to discuss your options.
Accommodation Notification Letter
The Accommodation Notification Letter is a letter for each course in which you are enrolled where accommodations will be implemented. These letters will be provided to your instructors for your courses.

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