Fall 2022 Updates and Reminders

Instructor Portal

The instructor portal serves as the central accommodations management website for instructors with course access letters. While all letters are sent electronically to the instructor of record, instructors may access and review all letters issued for a given course via the faculty portal on disabilitycenter.missouri.edu. Canceled accommodation requests are also reflected on the page.

Additional features available in the instructor portal are below:

  • Fill out the class instruction form to provide us details on how flexible attendance and deadline accommodations will be implemented in your course.
  • Upload a copy of the course syllabus. This is particularly helpful as we review the implementation of certain accommodations.
  • Complete the exam administration details form, providing necessary information, testing instructions, and materials.

Tip regarding accommodation letters: Create an email rule to send all accommodation letters to one folder in your mailbox and check the folder regularly.

Interacting with Students

Approximately 90% of students registered with the Disability Center have a non-apparent disability. The initial interaction between a student and their instructor generally affects the student’s experience in the classroom, as well as their willingness to utilize their accommodations. As such, please be mindful of the following:

  • Include in your syllabus the statement for disabled students (also in the Support and Policies section in Canvas) and discuss it on the first day of class and encourage students to contact the Disability Center for services.
  • Support the use of approved accommodations and be mindful of body language.
  • Refrain from asking students about their disability or diagnosis. Instead, focus on the accommodations being requested.
  • Maintain confidentiality at all times and consult with the student in an appropriate setting.
  • Contact the Disability Center with questions or concerns about an approved accommodation.

Exam Administration Details Form

Instructors must complete the exam administration details form for their course before a student’s exam request can be reviewed and approved by testing staff. A detailed exam administration details form provides the Disability Center:

  • The necessary information for the entire semester to proctor instructors’ assessments;
  • Reduce the need for follow-up communication about quizzes, tests and finals; and
  • Most importantly, allows Disability Center testing staff to review a student’s request efficiently, which cannot be done until the exam administration details form is submitted.

Instructors can submit their exam administration details form by logging into the Instructor Portal and going to the Exam Access section.

If you have questions, please contact our exams staff at mudcexams@missouri.edu or call 573-882-4696

College model

Last year, we began assigning students to access advisors based primarily on their majors. This practice is known at peer institutions as the college model. The change allows us to shift our attention from individual students’ disabilities to understanding needs based on their major. The access advisor will also be each academic units’ point of contact, so that you can have dedicated support.

Partnering with schools and colleges in this way enables our access advisors to gain a deeper understanding of the academic requirements for specific programs and to develop relationships with you. Access advisor assignments can be found on our website.

2021–2022 by the Numbers

  • 2,500 students connected with the Disability Center
  • 5,481 exams scheduled
  • 344 peer notetakers assigned

Important Dates

  • September – Disability Culture Month
  • Nov. 18 – Deadline for students to schedule final exams with Disability Center