Students may have health conditions that affect their attendance and/or their ability to complete certain tasks and assignments. You can help by working with students to accommodate their needs.

Related Accommodations

  • Exam accommodations
  • Reduced courseload
  • Flexible attendance

Suggested Instructional Strategies

  • Show support for diversity. Invite students to meet with you to discuss disability-related accommodations and other special learning needs.
  • Encourage multiple ways for students to communicate with each other and with you, including in-class discussion, group work and Web-based communication.
  • Provide multiple methods for students to demonstrate knowledge, such as demonstrations, presentations and portfolios.
  • Use classrooms, labs and fieldwork sites that are accessible to students with a wide range of physical abilities.
  • Arrange for adequate time for completion of class assignments.
  • Allow adequate time for testing.
  • Allow for adequate break time during long classes so students can attend to physical needs such as medication and restroom use.
  • Make sure everyone can use equipment and materials, and provide alternative options when necessary.
  • Develop safety procedures for all students, and consider the impact of disabilities on emergency procedures.