Rights & Responsibilities

Rights of students with disabilities

  • Equal access to courses, programs, services, facilities and activities offered through the university
  • An equal opportunity to learn
  • Reasonable and appropriate accommodations and academic adjustments with the goal of diminishing the effect of a disability on academic functioning
  • Appropriate confidentiality
  • Respect and courtesy

Responsibilities of students with disabilities

  • Meet the university’s qualifications and essential technical, academic and institutional standards
  • Request accommodations in a timely manner
  • Provide proper documentation that confirms your disability, identifies functional limitations and provides support for the requested accommodations
  • Follow the specific procedures for requesting and obtaining reasonable and appropriate accommodations
  • Provide for personal independent living needs or other personal disability-related needs
  • Meet with faculty and request assistance through other campus resources
  • Abide by the university’s standards and guidelines for behavior and academic integrity
  • Treat all university staff and faculty with respect and courtesy

Rights of the Disability Center

  • Request current, appropriate and comprehensive documentation, completed by an appropriate professional, that supports a request for reasonable accommodations / academic adjustments.
  • With the student’s signed consent, discuss a student’s need for reasonable accommodations / academic adjustments with the professional who provides the documentation — with the goal of diminishing the effect of a disability on academic functioning
  • Select the most appropriate or equally effective accommodations / academic adjustments through discussion with the student
  • Deny a request for accommodations / academic adjustments if the documentation does not identify a specific disability, fails to verify the need for requested services, or is not provided in a timely manner
  • Refuse an accommodation or academic adjustment that imposes a fundamental alteration of a program or activity of the university, poses a direct threat to the health or safety of others, or poses an undue financial or administrative burden on the university

Responsibilities of the Disability Center

  • Ensure that all programs, courses and services through the university, when viewed in their entirety, are offered in the most integrated and appropriate setting
  • Provide information regarding policies and procedures to students with disabilities and ensure its availability in accessible formats upon request
  • Provide or arrange for reasonable and appropriate accommodations / academic adjustments for students with disabilities on an individualized basis upon request, with documentation verification
  • Maintain appropriate confidentiality of records and communication concerning students with disabilities except where disclosure is permitted or required by law or is authorized by the student
  • Treat all students with respect and courtesy