The Disability Center

If you disagree with a decision regarding accommodations, notify the director of the Disability Center as soon as possible to file an informal complaint. The director will attempt an informal resolution.

Director of the Disability Center
S5 Memorial Union
University of Missouri
Columbia, MO 65211
VP: 573-234-6662

Academic programs

If you have a discrimination complaint involving admission to or treatment in an educational program or in the granting of an assistantship, request a conference with the appropriate department head and with the dean of the school or college to discuss the matter informally.

MU schools and colleges

Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

If a satisfactory resolution is not reached through an informal complaint process, you may present a grievance pursuant to Section 390.010 F of the University System Collected Rules and Regulations. A discrimination grievance should be presented in writing and filed with the vice-chancellor for student affairs. A grievance must be filed by a student within 180 calendar days of the complained action for certain government regulatory agencies to become involved.

Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
2202 MU Student Center
University of Missouri
Columbia, MO 65211

Office for Civil Rights and Title IX

If you believe an individual has discriminated against you based on disability or has retaliated against you for making or supporting a claim or discrimination, then you may make a report to the Office for Civil Rights and Title IX using the Incident Report Form

The office will provide you information about your rights and options, including your right to file a formal complaint using the Equity Resolution Process.  The staff at the office can help explain the difference between the grievance process and the Equity Resolution Process.