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Exam Access

Accommodations available

  • Distraction-reduced environment
  • Scribes
  • Readers
  • Accessible materials
  • Extended time
  • Use of calculator
  • Use of a computer
  • Use of enlargements

Instructors are encouraged to accommodate students whenever possible.  If an instructor is unable to provide accommodations, the Disability Center can administer accommodated exams using space within the office as well as in other locations across campus.  Both separate space and distraction reduced environments are available, as well as adaptive equipment, scribes, readers and alternative formats (e.g. enlargements).

Making a request

Scheduling rooms, proctors, scribes, readers and equipment requires time. Please give the Disability Center as much advance notice as possible when requesting exam accommodations.

Policies and guidelines

Communication is essential to ensure that exam accommodations can be provided timely, whether through the Disability Center or if provided by an instructor.  Students are encouraged to meet with instructors during a scheduled appointment to discuss accommodations and how they will be provided.  Instructors are encouraged to accommodate students, but the Disability Center recognizes there are many situations where this cannot occur.  To ensure that the Disability Center can provide the time and space and ensure academic integrity throughout the process, the Disability Center has developed a set of terms and conditions for arranging accommodated exams, which students and faculty are expected to read and understand.