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Classroom assistants

Tips for faculty

Universal classroom design

Accommodations available

  • Classroom assistants
  • Lab assistants
  • Hands-on assistance, such as lifting objects or describing visual materials
  • Services designed to offer equal access in classrooms, laboratories, computer labs or libraries

Making a request


  • Establish an Accommodation Plan with the Disability Center, and renew using myAccess as needed each semester.
  • Notify the Disability Center at least one week in advance regarding a need for lab arrangements or classroom assistants.
  • Notify your professor at the start of the semester that you will have an assistant in class. This information will be included in your letter regarding accommodations, but you should discuss this personally with the professor as well.

Policies and guidelines


  • Exchange phone numbers, e-mail addresses and other contact information with your classroom assistant.
  • You are expected to attend class regularly. If you can't attend class, notify your classroom assistant as soon as possible. Also notify your Access Advisor or Coordinator
  • Classroom assistants won't remain in class if you do not attend. If you do not arrive for class within 15 minutes of the start time, the classroom assistant is free to leave.
  • Your classroom assistant's job is to ensure that you have access to all of the assignments and activities associated with the class. Do not ask your assistant to serve as a tutor, help you work through the substance of an assignment or participate in class discussions.
  • If you have a concern or problem with your classroom assistant, contact your Access Advisor or Coordinator.

Classroom assistants

  • Exchange phone numbers, e-mail addresses and other contact information with your student.
  • If you can't attend class, notify the Access Advisor or Coordinator in the Disability Center so a substitute can be provided.
  • If your student does not arrive in class after 15 minutes, you are free to leave.
  • Your job is to ensure that the student has access to assignments and activities. You aren't expected to serve as a tutor or help the student work through the substance of an assignment.
  • Do not participate in discussions or engage as if taking the class.