Access Advisor Assignments

Students requiring accommodations are typically assigned to the access advisor for their respective academic units. The knowledge access advisors gain through building relationships with faculty and academic advisors in these units enables them to better respond and support students.

In limited cases, some students may have an alternative or secondary access advisor depending on the student’s needs, such as:

  • Sign language interpreter users – Cheryl Jobe or Angela Branson
  • Temporary students – first available access advisor

The following is how academic units are distributed among staff in the Disability Center.

Academic unit Current contact
College of Arts & Sciences Elizabeth Walker
College of Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources Jill McClintock
College of Education & Human Development Kristin Mossman
College of Engineering Jill McClintock
Missouri School of Journalism Cheryl Jobe
School of Health Professions Cheryl Jobe
College of Veterinary Medicine Angela Branson
School of Law Angela Branson
School of Medicine Angela Branson
Sinclair School of Nursing Angela Branson
Trulaske College of Business Kristin Mossman
Department of Occupational Therapy Angela Branson
Department of Physical Therapy Angela Branson