Academic and Classroom Accommodations

A student’s eligibility for accommodations is determined through an interactive process with the Disability Center called an Access Planning Meeting.  Once an Accommodation Plan is established, students are responsible for notifying instructors regarding their eligibility; they do so by presenting a copy of the Accommodation Notification Letter (print or PDF document), created and signed by the student’s Access Advisor.  In addition to presenting the Accommodation Notification Letter, students are encouraged to speak with instructors privately to discuss how accommodations are to be implemented.

Instructors play a crucial role in providing the accommodations that are listed in a student’s Accommodation Notification Letter.  Some accommodations depend on the instructor and student working together to ensure appropriate implementation, and will involve the Disability Center only when necessary.  Implementation of other accommodations, such as exams, note taking assistance, alternative formats, and communication access (interpreters/captioning) are facilitated by the Disability Center in partnership with instructors.

Concerns about how an accommodation can be implemented (e.g. whether an accommodation may lower or modify essential course requirements) should be addressed by consulting with the student’s Access Advisor in the Disability Center.

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