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Volunteer Peer Notetaker Guide

Volunteer Notetakers

If you have volunteered as a Peer Notetaker for a student(s) in any of your courses, there are steps in which you'll need to take in order to become a registered Notetaker and to be eligible for the end of semester compensation. 

  • Login to myAccess using the Notetaker Sign-In button on the Disability Center's webpage
  • Enter in your Mizzou Pawprint and Password from the secure sign-in page
  • Choose "Sign-up as a Notetaker"
  • Fill out the required information as instructed
  • Enter in the Course Registration Numbers (CRN) for each course in which you are taking notes
  • Wait to receive an email confirmation stating you have been matched/assigned with a student(s) in the course
  • Once you are matched/assigned you can begin uploading your notes into the system
  • The Disability Center will send you email reminders about trainings and assessments throughout the semester. Be sure to complete all trainings along with their post assessments once you have been matched. These must be done in order for you to be eligible for the end of semester compensation.

Volunteer Notetaker Policies and Procedures: 

As a registered Notetaker, you will be expected to;

  • Provide notes for the class in which you are registered. 
  • Complete all post assessments for each training.
  • The notes must be legible and in a format accepted by the student. 
  • If you miss a class, please ask someone else for a copy of his or her notes for the student. 
  • Please be sure to let the student or professor know if you drop the course. 
  • At a minimum, please provide the notes within 1-2 business days of the class.
  • If you drop the course, you'll need to login to your account in myAccess and cancel your Notetaking Assignment for that course. 

If your Notetaking assignment is cancelled prior to the end of the semester, you will no longer be eligible for the Notetaker Stipend.

Click here for the Volunteer Notetaker tutorial. (First Steps Training) 

Click here for the Notetaker Training Webpage (All required trainings and assessments)

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