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Notetaking Assistance

Accommodations available

Making a request

  • Establish an Accommodation Plan with the Disability Center, and renew using myAccess as needed each semester.
  • Be prepared to provide appropriate documentation of your disability.
  • Meet with your instructor as early as possible in the semester to discuss how the notetaking assistance can be implemented.
  • Give each professor a letter that details your need for notetaking accommodations. The professor will make an announcement about the volunteer opportunity or choose a volunteer. In upper-level courses or smaller classes, you may prefer to approach a fellow student to request notetaking assistance.
  • Notetakers who are consistent and timely may be eligible to receive an end of semester compensation. We will notify you with instructions on how to complete the evaluations for the notetakers when that time comes.

Policies and guidelines


If you are eligible for "Use of Peer Notetaker" as one of your accommodations, there are 3 steps to take in order to set it up in your classes;
  • Meet with instructors to initiate the accommodation
  • Inform the Disability Center of your course and notetaker information using our brief online form "Who is your notetaker?" located under the "Forms" section of the Disability Center's website.
  • Download your notes from within myAccess. If the notetaker uses another method other than uploading into myAccess we will let you know.
  • You are responsible for your own academic success. Having a notetaker is a reasonable accommodation, and is not a substitute for attending class.


To be an effective notetaker, you will be expected to complete all trainings and the assessments related to the trainings and provide consistent, thorough, and timely notes. If you meet the expectations for the Notetaking Program you will be eligible for the end of semester compensation.  For questions, contact the office at 573-882-4696 or by email at

Notetaker Responsibilities:

  • Please write as clearly and thoroughly as possible.
  • Please get notes to the student as soon as possible after the class and at least within 3 days of the class period.
  • If you are absent, please request notes from another student and be sure to share these with the student for whom you are taking notes.
  • Please use the NoteTaker Sign-in to register as a notetaker and to upload your notes into the portal. Click here for the NoteTaker Tutorial.
  • You may e-mail electronic copies of notes to the student or to the Disability Center at if that is the preferred method of note exchange.


  • You can either choose a notetaker or make an anonymous announcement regarding the notetaking position. If no one volunteers, please make the announcement a second time.
  • We are able to offer an end of semester compensation to Notetakers. 
  • If you would like to recognize a student for volunteering to be a notetaker, you can give us their name and email address and we will be sure to follow up with that student.  You may call us at 882-4696 or email us at
  • As an alternative to notetaking, you may use the Tegrity lecture capture system.